How do you increase engagement and retention of your app users?

increase engagement and retention of your app users

It is not enough to stop at developing your app; A later process to follow – in particular, apps have become an essential part of life. However, the biggest concern for marketers is how do you increase engagement and retention of your app users?

It is essential to keep customers engaged with your app. Customers may get bored with your current app features, so you need to keep the app up to date to be able to increase engagement and retention of your app users.

According to statistics, if the rate of interaction with the application is 91% on the first day, there is a possibility that it decreases to 31% on the seventh day.

Only 7.5% of users show interest in the new app after the first month. Maintaining interaction with the app and retaining the audience has become a clear challenge.

Since there is stiff competition, there are many similar applications in the market.

Therefore, you need to ensure that the user does not lose interest in your application and does not switch it to another application in order to increase the interaction and retention of users of your application.


Interact with mobile apps: It is a measure of user interaction with your app. which can measure how users interact with your app; It is very necessary because it helps you decide the success or failure of your application.

The metrics you should focus on are the active number of users of your app, the duration of a single session, the number of downloads, and total revenue.


Here are ways to increase engagement and retention of your app users:


1) Confirmation of the quality of the application


In the mobile app, one glitch is enough to lose users. Developers have to make sure that the app they provide is bug-free and works perfectly.

Because if the user encounters any problem while running the app, he will stop using the app. Thus, the application should provide the best possible quality.

Developers who work for top app development companies need to be assured of the quality of the app.

Before running it to the user, they need to do a different type of test – just to make sure there are no bugs in the app.

Also, focus and pay attention to the amount of time it takes to load a single page. The page should not take more than 2 seconds to load; Otherwise, it will be considered slow.

Therefore, the application should run smoothly and efficiently.


2) Increased personalization of user experience


One powerful way to retain and engage the user is to provide a personalized user experience.

By providing a personalized user experience, your mobile app will be different from other similar apps and keep them active. In the end, you will develop user loyalty towards the mobile application.

Personal user experience will reveal information about the user, making it easier for you to make a decision based on experiences.

You can appreciate previous downloads and similarity options. There are two factors to this – dynamic and static factors.

The dynamic will show the behavioral part of the users, the static factors will provide standard information. Don’t forget that the user shouldn’t feel like you’re intruding on their privacy and keep track accordingly.


3) Focus on the first user experience of the application


In fact, it’s essential to keep your existing customers holding your app – but it’s also important to think about first-time users. Focus on the operational part of the first-time user experience.

You are required to develop a seamless user experience from the moment the user downloads the application.

According to surveys, the app loses an average of 77% of its users in the first days.

For first-time users of the app, put in educational instructions and screen features – so users know where to enter and understand the functionality of the app.

It is especially necessary in mobile game applications because it involves many complex commands for the players.

At the initial stage, the registration and login process should be easy and smooth. You can submit the subscription through email or social media – so the user doesn’t have to fill out a lengthy form.

You can also postpone the process to the next stage in the application to restore the starting experience.

Applications such as e-commerce have the advantage that the user can opt in during the purchase process. User can work effortlessly about recording all the time.


4) The importance of frequent updating


No user likes to watch the same app with the same features for a long time. After some time, users expect something new from the app.

This is why it is necessary to update your app frequently, so that the user does not lose interest. However, updating doesn’t mean keeping website content from time to time – but you also need to change the app’s layout, color, design, and outlook.

When there is a new update, users will take care of it. Also, make sure you don’t notify them of the update: he doesn’t like reminding them over and over.

Many applications have been following this method for a long time and are successful in it. By adding new features, the best app developers can grab the attention of users.


5) Offer offers and rewards


No matter what kind of app you have – every user loves to get rewards and offers. It is an effective way to get users to interact with your app and spread opinions about it.

Bonuses and offers can be in any form, such as discounts and free offers.

Even loyalty points can be considered rewards. If someone joins for the first time, give them some offers they want. Offer some rewards after a certain purchase.

This technology is often used in e-commerce applications. You must also add a referral code.


6) Use ads smartly


No user likes to be bothered in the middle of work; They will leave the app immediately. So, take advantage of using ads smartly. Once the user uses the app – they won’t mind a lot of ads. Don’t make pop-up ads appear too often.

Also, the application must be relevant and contain something that may catch the user’s attention.


Retaining your app users will never go out of style. It will always be a meaningful component of your marketing strategy. To gain user loyalty and interest, follow the above methods.

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